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Denver Pest Removal Tip:

Orange Oil for Termite Control
Orange oil is traditionally being used as home treatment for termite infestation. However, you are probably wondering if this will be effective. Some people will tell you that this is less effective compared to the chemical solutions. The truth is, just like any type of treatment, there are pros and cons with regards to the use of orange oil. In this article, we will provide you an overview of the orange oil and how it is used for termite control.

Orange Oil: What is It?
The orange oil is extracted from the peel of the orange. This is being used in a range of process such as food additives and cleaning solutions. Orange oil contain an active ingredient known as D-limonene. The orange oil will kill the insect by dissolving their exoskeleton. Once their body has been exposed, they will have trouble in containing their moisture and protein that will ultimately result to their death. It will also destroy the eggs that they carry.

There are enough evidences that orange peel will kill the termites. While it contains low amount of toxicity, it is still considered safe. Nonetheless, you still should not ingest the solution. Direct exposure to the solution can cause eye and skin irritation. People with lung allergy may experience inflammation and other adverse effect when exposed with the orange oil.

Application of the Orange Oil
Some professionals will use orange oil by injecting the solution through the hole in the affected material. Start by drilling a hole in the wood where you will apply the treatment. For the method to be effective, you will have to accurately determine the site of infection. The experts can use a range of methods to look for the area of infestation such as audio detection and borescope. You simply need an insignificant hole where you can inject the orange oil. However, you will need to drill holes for every 5in.

How Well Will It Work Against Termite?
The main issue in using the orange oil treatment would be the access. When using them, you will have to locate the termite precisely to apply the solution. As opposed to fumigation, the whole property will be treated at the same time since the solution will penetrate deeply in various areas of the house. While orange oil can be effective, it will not be as effective as using fumigation and other whole-house treatments. When using local treatment such as orange oil, the problem may persist if you fail to detect the area experiencing an active infestation. Orange oil is also non-residual. Therefore, once the solution has dissipated, the effect of the treatment will also disappear.

Experts has testified that orange oil can indeed be effective against termite infestation. However, this will also have certain limitations. To determine if the orange oil is suitable for your situation, you will need to consult the pest control experts. They can provide you recommendations on how you can eliminate your problem successfully. Usually, termite control is not something that should be done by people with no experience. Failure to employ an effective method can lead to serious damages.