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Fort Worth Pest Removal Tip:

Why Termites Eat Wood
Most homeowners will panic from the sight of termite infestation. They can be small but the damages that they can cause is estimated around $5 billion annually. Thinking that this tiny creature has already invaded your house and slowly eating your investment can be frustrating and disturbing. However, you are probably curious on why these termites are eating wood when there are more edible materials out there. You are also wondering if their diet is only limited to wood materials.

Wood Provides Nutrients to the Termites
The termites may appear like they are eating the wood materials but what they really want is the cellulose that contain the nutrients. Cellulose is a fibrous material that makes up the wood. It is also found in the cell walls of grass, and plants. It is known as the richest organic material found on Earth. Your cardboard and paper will also contain this compound.

Termites are known for their voracious appetite. They will continue to eat once they made it inside your house. To make sure that their colony will be well supported, they will eat anything that contain cellulose. Termites will be attacking sheetrock, magazines, books, fabrics, wallpaper, and lumber. This implies that apart from the structure of your home, there are also other valuable materials that can be at risk such as important documents. Your furniture will also not be spared from the incessant eating habit of the termite.

How Do They Digest Wood?
The digestion process of the termite can be quite complex. The termites will not be able to digest this material on their own. Without the help of protozoa and other bacteria, they cannot extract the nutritional content of this material. These microorganisms survive in the gut of the termites. They will be breaking down the compounds to simple sugar that the termites can use to nourish their body.

What Kind of Woods Do They Prefer to Eat?
Understand that there are different types of termites and they will prefer different types of wood. For instance, the subterranean termite is the most common termite found in the US. They prefer to build their nest on damp soil. They also prefer to nibble on soft spine. You will notice how the damages of the subterranean termite will be in a distinct pattern.

The drywood termite will look for dry wood such as the framing of our house. They can also damage our furniture, hardwood floorings, and the structural timbers. They do not need to stay in touch with the soil, they will receive the moist that they need from the wood that they eat. The damp wood termite prefer to eat the decaying woods. You may also encounter them in your house if your place has an elevated level of humidity.

In case you discover the signs of their infestation, pick-up your phone at once and call the hotline of the termite control agency. Even on the off chance that you do not have a termite infestation, they can conduct preventative measures that will keep your investment protected.