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Jacksonville Pest Removal Tip:

How to Kill Termites Naturally
If you are afraid that the use of chemicals will expose you to certain risks, you will need to find natural ways to get rid of them. While termites are essential in keeping the balance of the ecosystem, they can have destructive effect when they are not in their natural environment. If the termite infestation was left unchecked, it can lead to a massive destruction. The repair cost of their damages can easily lead to $8,000.

Easy and Natural Methods to Kill Termites
By considering the damages that they can cause to your property, it is not difficult to see why business owners and homeowners will need to be alert on the sign of their infestation. In this article, we will discuss some of the common ways to eliminate the insect naturally.

Cardboard Trap
The carboard trap is the traditional way of getting rid of the termite. However, this will require patience and hard work. You will have to do it several times before you notice some changes on your problem. Prepare some carboard boxes and flatten them. Wet the cardboard box and stack them together. Place them close to the area that is experiencing infestation. Once the termites started feeding on the box, remove them and burn the cardboard box. The woody aroma of the box will be irresistible to the termites. By adding water, the smell will become more pronounced.

Termites will be attracted to two elements; cellulose and moisture. By exposing them directly to the sunlight, they will lose their body moisture and they will eventually die. You should clear the vegetation around the area that is infested with the subterranean termite. You can even increase the efficacy of this process by digging the ground and exposing the termite to the heat of the sun. If the furniture is receiving damage from their infestation, place the furniture outside especially during the hottest time.

Beneficial nematodes are being used to kill a range of insects such as termites. Nematodes are small worms that will attach themselves on the termites. They will feed on the insects that will lead to its death. This is a natural predator that you should introduce into the colony of termites. This is very efficient in dealing with a termite infestation. Several online stores and garden shops are selling the parasitic nematodes.

Botanical Treatment
Different types of essential oil can be used in killing the termites. For instance, the extract from the peel of orange can dissolve the exoskeleton of the animal. This is because they contain an active ingredient known as d-limonene. Drywood termites are most susceptible to this type of treatment. Another alternative is the neem oil. For this to be effective, neem oil must be ingested first by the termite. Just like the other natural treatment, you will have to apply it multiple times to achieve the desired result.

Knowing the natural methods in killing the termites will help you choose an effective and safe method to eliminate the insect. You can also avoid the use of chemicals and toxic solutions.