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Little Rock Pest Removal Tip:

Guide on Termite Bait
Termite is one of the most common pests in our house. However, not a lot of homeowners will understand them. Therefore, they will also lack the knowledge on how to properly manage their infestation. During the past few years, the control techniques towards termites have improved dramatically. Most of the pest control agencies are now considering the use of termite bait. It is safer compared to the traditional type of pesticides.

An Overview of Termite Baiting
Baiting the termite will include a unique approach. When using bait, you will have to use a tiny portion of the product and you will deploy this on various section of the house. Hopefully, the termite will eat it and share the rest to the members of the colony. This will eventually lead to the reduction of the termite's population. You will have to do this multiple time until you notice some changes in the activity of the termites.

How Does Termite Baiting Work?
Termite bait will include the material known as cellulose. This is the base component of the wood material. This will then be combined with an insecticide that will hamper the development of the termites. After ingesting the bait, the termite will die after a week. The slow-acting toxic compound is an essential ingredient of the bait. Due to the delayed effect, the poisoned termite will infect the other members of the colony which increases the probability of destroying the nest. Hopefully, the colony will be eliminated using this method.

The Baiting Process
The bait will usually be introduced underground. It will also be dispersed all over the property. Some pest control companies will attach the bait close to the area of infestation. Contingent upon the protocol of the company, they may inspect the bait station after a month or annually. Some experts will use this as a supplemental treatment while others will use this as stand-alone solution.

The housing of the bait station is made from a plastic cylinder. It comes with slits that enables the termites to enter. The termite will tunnel through the perforated tube where they will reunite with the other termites. By doing this, they will leave chemical cues on the bait station that will encourage the other termites to enter. The bait station will be inserted into the holes in the ground. The bait will be placed 2ft away from the foundation. This can ensure that the area that has been treated with liquid termiticide will be avoided.

After the bait station has been installed, the bait will then be added. Termites will not necessarily see or smell the bait. They will simply be wandering around them as they forage their food. Adding multiple baits is necessary to increase the possibility that the termites will find the bait. While there are termite baits that you can purchase online, the whole process might seem intricate for those who lack the experience. In case the infestation still persists, you might need to use supplemental treatment.