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Nashville Pest Removal Tip:

Things that Will Kill Termites Naturally
A lot of homeowners will not be comfortable in using chemical solution due to the heath hazards that they bring. They prefer the more natural ways that will kill the termites. These solutions are considered safer than the other treatment. However, just like the chemicals, the natural method also comes with advantages and disadvantages. Let us discuss this natural method and determine if this is an effective alternative to chemical treatment.

Killing the Termites Naturally
When using the natural method, you need to understand its limitations. You will need to learn what type of termite you are dealing with to determine the appropriate solution. You should also identify the problem. Realize that the best natural method is still prevention.

Diatomaceous Earth
This is a natural method that is used in preventing the termites. This can also help you in controlling certain types of insects. Simply mix this to the paint or water and apply it directly on the wood. If you are still in the construction phase, you may treat the wood using this method. Add the diatomaceous earth to the paint and use it on your walls. In case you don't want to mix it in the paint, you can simply spread the powder form all over your house.

If you plan to use the Prethrum solution, you may use this in the same manner as the Boric Acid. You can use this product on liquid form and apply it on the affected area. You may also spread it in its powder form that will invade the holes that have been infested by the termites. This can be an effective way to prevent recurring infestation.

Orange Oil
Orange oil is usually spread in the area that is highly vulnerable against termites. You may need to apply it for at least once per year as a preventative measure. If you plan to use this method, you will have to apply this on the attic and crawl areas. To improve the efficacy, you may mix it with boric acid or diatomaceous earth. It is still advisable to wear protective gears when applying this treatment.

Another natural method is to remove the infected part of the wood and replace it with a termite-free lumber. In the case that you choose this method, you can analyze the infected wood and determine the type of termite that has infested your property. Before affixing the new wood, make sure that you will treat it with the methods we mentioned above.

There are also some natural methods that will control the population and activities of the termites. For instance, you can introduce beneficial nematodes in your yard. This is a parasitic worm that will attach themselves on the body of the termite and feed on them. You may also create a termite barrier by digging a trench around the perimeter of your house. You will then have to mix sand with the diatomaceous earth and fill the trenches with this mix.