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Paterson Pest Removal Tip:

Things That Attract Termites
Your home will be the one of the biggest investments that you will ever make during your lifetime. Unfortunately, your investment can be decimated by the termite infestation. Any serious damage will affect the market value of your house. In order to prevent the damages of the termite, you will have to know the things that may attract them and eliminate it. This article will cover most of the things that can draw their attention to your home.

What Attract These Termites?
Usually, the termite will build their colonies when there is enough food supply. The surrounding property as well as your home is probably creating a conducive environment for the termite. Here are some elements in the house that can act as a magnet to these destructive insects.

Wood Piles
Most of the homeowners will store their firewood close to their property. This enables them to have an immediate access to the firewood during the time that they need it the most. Unfortunately, this will attract the interest of the termite. They may also find an accessible entry to our house. According to the experts, the firewood should be stored at around 20ft away from your property. If this is not possible, you should try storing the firewood above the ground that will make it difficult for the subterranean termite to access them.

Poor Drainage
No one love to clean their gutters. It is not only dirty but will also be time-consuming. However, understand that having a good drainage is essential if you want to keep the termites away. Termites love to build their colony in areas with high moisture level. Once your gutters have been clogged with dried leaves, the water can accumulate and will make our insulation and wood materials vulnerable against the attack of the termite. Divert the rainwater away on your foundation using a downspout to avoid attracting termites.

Excessive Woods and Foliage
Most people will simply leave the dead trees and stumps on the ground since dealing with them is too much of a hassle. Unfortunately, any rotting of the wood can draw the interest of the termite. Eventually, these termites will infest our houses. To avoid this from happening, you will have to clear these elements from your property.

If gardening is your hobby, you understand how mulching can control the growth of the weed. Sadly, this can also serve as the fuel for the termites. Mulching can help in retaining moisture which is a perfect environment for the termites. You might want to minimize the use of the wood mulch. It is also recommended to keep it off your foundation. If mulching is unavoidable, you should monitor it frequently for any signs of termite activity.

The termites are known for their destructive behavior that can destroy your property. Based on the report, they are responsible for the yearly damages that amounts to $5billion. In case you suspect that you are suffering from a termite infestation, contact the help of the specialist and they will conduct a comprehensive inspection of your home.