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Pittsburgh Pest Removal Tip:

How Much Damage Can Termites Do to a House?
It is not uncommon to encounter exaggerated information online. Someone who is tired from work may post a status saying that he feels like a slave. This is also a common incidence on termite control. Some pest control companies will tell you that the termites will decimate the entire house before the paint even dries. This is of course not a fact. In this article, we will tell you about the level of damage that the termites can really cause.

Understanding the Damages Caused by Different Types of Termites
The damages caused by the different types of termites will not be equal. If your home is infested by a drywood termite, the damage may not be as pronounced as the subterranean termites. According to the survey, the drywood termites will cause millions of dollars in terms of damages. On the other hand, the subterranean termites' damages will translate to billions of cash. These termites will not think twice in infesting a house that is not treated.

Reason Why Subterranean Termites are More Damaging
The subterranean termites will often establish a large colony. Their ability to move on ground will enable them to expand their territory significantly. Drywood termites will have a smaller colony. Therefore, their damage will not be as significant as the subterranean termite. Another reason is their ability to conceal their presence. Drywood termites will be more visible than them. They will kick their termite frass outside their house since they'd like to keep their nest clean. The subterranean termite will have to be concealed all the time to maintain their body moisture.

How Fast Will Termite Eat?
A single termite worker will not be a cause of concern. Its eating capacity is around 1/8 inch. Their life expectancy is about 2 years. However, it is common for the termites to live with the colony. A big subterranean termite can eat a pound of wood every day. They can remain hidden while they continue to feast on your wood. They can stay undetected for years until the damages become more pronounced.

How fast the termite can compromise the integrity of your wooden structure will depend upon the size of the colony. The cost of the repairs will depend upon the level of damages that they've caused. You will also have an idea on the extent of the damage by determining how long has the infestation persist. There are cases that the repairs will be a lot expensive compared to the cost of the building.

Any structure of the house that is crafted from wood is vulnerable against the threat of the termite. The termites are known to carry a special type of protozoa, bacteria, and enzyme that will help in digesting the cellulose. This is the fibrous compound that makes up the wood. A single termite will take more than 3,000 years to reduce a 1,000-sqft house into nothingness. Unfortunately, they often live in large colonies and it will take only a couple of months before they cause expensive damages.