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Sacramento Pest Removal Tip:

The Updated 2019 Cost of Termite Control
Expect to spend an average cost of $526 for the standard type of termite control. Usually, the cost will be calculated depending on the linear foot of the affected area. The company may charge you at around $3-$16 for the limited application of the termite treatment. For those who are suffering from multiple insect infestation, the cost of hiring pest exterminator is around $173. Here is the breakdown of the expenses of termite control.

Chemical Treatment Cost
As we mentioned above the chemical treatment cost is about $3-$16 for every linear foot. The pest exterminators may perform a combination of chemical treatment to guarantee that the termite has been eliminated. It will also discourage the respawning of the termites. Some of the chemicals that they may use include Permethrin, Imidacloprid, Fipronil, Bifenthrin, and Arsenic Trioxide.

The experts will usually conduct this as a pretreatment or to protect the homes that have not been invaded by the termites. It will involve drilling holes around your home and injecting chemical solution. The said treatment will proceed until there are no signs of termite activities. Termidor is an effective termite solution, but the use of this product is limited only to the professionals.

The Cost of Termite Bait
The bait to use against termite will have an average cost of $8-$12/linear foot. The professionals will charge you with higher fee for placing multiple bait system after the installation has completed. Since this treatment will be less precise thus it will require several visits, this will obviously be more expensive. The possible food source of the termite will be poisoned. The insect will then carry the poisoned bait back into their nest that will eventually destroy the colony.

Cost of Termite Tenting
The average cost of home treatment will be around $1,200-$2,500. Often, the cost will be higher especially if it requires termite tenting. The professionals may charge you by size or a flat rate. The flat rate is about $5-$20 for every linear foot. There are two instances when tenting will be needed. This is more expensive since the experts will be asked to cover a larger area. However, since the method will only target the home structure, it will not be efficient in treating the termite infestation underground.

Termite Fumigation
The fumigation of the termite will cost at about $10-$20/linear foot. This means that the average cost of fumigation for every home is around $1,200-$2,500. This is an aggressive form of treatment since the chemical will seep into the walls that will kill the termites inside. The whole process will take a couple of hours. Since this will involve toxic fumes, homeowners and their pets will have to vacate their property for about 3-5 days.

Understand that the cost of the termite will also differ depending on the type of termite that is infesting your house. For instance, subjugation of the subterranean termite will cost $218-$868 while treating the drywood termite is about $218-$2,500. The professionals may also recommend you a pre or post type of treatment.