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Salt Lake City Pest Removal Tip:

Health Concerns with Termite Treatment
Most of the treatments used for termite infestation are based from chemicals. Therefore, you will need to exhibit some safety measures to ensure that you will remain safe during the whole treatment process. It is not hard to understand why most homeowners will be concerned about the chemicals that will be used in treating their home. However, if these treatments are applied in an appropriate manner, you can greatly reduce the related risks.

Safety and Health Risks with Termite Treatment
The hazards associated with the use of chemical termite treatment is one of the reasons why we often advice our readers to hire the professionals. Attempting to treat the infestation without the experience and the right equipment can lead to all sorts of trouble. Chemicals can be harmful especially if it is in the possession of an amateur.

Pesticide Poisoning
While the termiticide can be effective in treating the infestation, understand that they may contain chemicals that are hazardous. Be sure that you will use the product according to the instruction of the manufacturer. Using the product carelessly can expose you to the risk of pesticide poisoning. You can also expose the non-targeted creatures to dangers. There are different ways on how the pesticide can enter through our body.

1. Oral Poisoning- In this situation, the poison will enter through human's mouth. The food or the water that we ingest may have been contaminated with the chemicals. If a pesticide is in your hand and you forgot to wash your hand properly, this can also contaminate anything that we put in our mouth such as cigarettes.
2. Respiratory-Termiticides that are in powder, spray, or gas form can be accidentally inhaled through our nose or mouth.
3. Dermal Entry-Pesticides that come in contact with our skin can be absorbed by our skin. This can cause irritation and other side effects.

Physiological Effect
Chlordane which is a base ingredient of most termiticide is known to affect the liver and the nervous system. Prolonged exposure to this compound will affect our hepatic and neurological condition. It may also lead to secondary side effects such as gastrointestinal and respiratory problem. This product will often be utilized in spray form. It will then be dissolve in a solvent of petroleum distillate. This solvent will lead to adverse health effect. Chlordane is also considered as a carcinogenic substance.

Neurological Side Effects
Based on the conducted studies, the chlordane has the capacity to inhibit the function of ATPase. This is perhaps the reason behind the neurotoxicity of the compound. Acute exposure to the substance can lead to seizures, respiratory depression, and excitation. Other effects include irritability, confusion, salivation, tremors, and even coma.

With all the health and safety risks involved in the use of termiticide, it is obvious why you should let the professionals handle this. To avoid the hazards of this chemical, make sure that the termite control agency that you are hiring is authorized to handle the product. They should also be well-trained on the appropriate use of the materials.